About My Themes

Most of the themes I create has nudity and some themes are safe to view. Other themes I've created vary from sport teams, TV shows, video games and a music genre.

All of my themes do not include hardcore images (male-female sexual intercourse), so the majority of my themes have soft-core images, which is my specialty. Now, I did create a SEX theme that does include hardcore images.

The majority of images in the themes I create are from my personal collection, so you get the best quality of images in the themes. There are some themes I get images from wither ftop.ru and/or wallbase.cc.

As of September 13, 2013, I reached 500+ themes that I created from 2011 to now, which most of them are on PS3-Themes.com.

Almost all of the my images I use are from sites I payed to become a member. Here is the list of few sites I've joined and I would recommend them.

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