About This Site

This site offers you to see themes I created, new themes coming and which ones I'll be working, so you can get ahead of all the world.

I'll also show the full model list of some themes with all kinds of girls, this way if you want to know who a girl is in a certain theme, then I'll have the answer for you. If you want to see all the model lists I have, please click here. For adult model lists you have to click "read more" to view the full list since it's not safe for work and does contain nudity. There are some themes that already provide the names but if you still don't know don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me at PSN ID, Lanes8.

As of November 2012, I'll submit two to three themes every two weeks on PS3-Themes.com and/or PS3Themes.net. Once a theme is uploaded on either two sites I mentioned, I'll try to have a post up at the end of the month so you can download it from your PS3 browser (only available from PS3-Themes.com site). PS3-Themes.com will be the only site, except here that would have my Adult/18+ themes, for PS3Themes.net won't accept those themes.

I will also give you some exclusive themes only on here and will not available anywhere else, but you'll need a USB stick to add it to your PS3, but as of right now I'm trying to find the best sharing site so you can download it from the PS3 browser. I'll let you now on the post if you can download from your PS3 browser.

I have provided a Donate link to anyone who would like to support me and there is a special thanks at the end of the transaction. You can donate any amount you feel like is necessary.

Now if the PS4 will have capability of adding themes on it, I might consider of doing themes for it too. I'll still do themes for PS3, but it maybe limited. If I do make themes for the PS4, the majority would be themes I've done for PS3, but I might do new ones too.

Thank you for visiting my site and I downloading my themes, if you haven't already done so. Thanks again for your support.

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