Saturday, November 30, 2013

Future Requests

As you know by now, I haven't accepted any requests for a while now but there might be a possibility I will again take requests, but with limited circumstances. I know my themes aren't perfect by a comment on Jessica Jane Clement v.02 HD (Ultra slideshow) but I try my best to make all of my themes just as good as the one before.

Now as to when I might take requests, I don't know if it will be the end of this year or beginning of next year and that's an if. Also, don't expect me to make themes week after week since I'll be working and I also have a life too, so I can't just make themes 24/7, but I'll try my best to fulfill your request.

Thank you again for all your support and stay tuned here to see any news on requests.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

First Look - Big Breasted Women: Special Edition theme

Here is my tenth and a Special Edition of the Big Breasted Women theme series. All images are from past BBW themes. I made a Static with 16 HD/SD images and also a Slideshow with 16 HD images. Here is where you get a First Look at the Slideshow version before it's on

HD Ultra slideshow version (16 HD images)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zahia Dehar v.01 Slideshows (Alternative)

As seen on, there is a few themes of Zahia Dehar and I have provided a few alternative versions with different speeds and slide lengths.

If you want the themes from then you can click on this link for the Static and Slideshow version. If you want the alt. versions then you can click the desired one below. Both themes have same images and are both Slideshows.

(USB required)
Slideshow (9sec slide change - 3sec fade)
Slideshow (13sec slide change)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Babes v.03 & Nude Girls v.18

Here are the themes voted by you and you can have it here before it's on Both themes were made by polls which were on this site. Also these are an Ultra Slideshow themes. A USB is required to download themes to put on your PS3.

Babes v.03 contains 17 HD images with 8 on one slide and 9 on the other. As with my latest themes, the names of the models are better to see if you have a TV that has a zoom setting.

Nude Girls v.18 contains 18 HD images with 9 on two slides. This is also a Blonde edition with all images of a blonde. As with my latest themes, the names of the models are better to see if you have a TV that has a zoom setting. This is recommended for ages 18+.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coming themes of Babes & NG

The voting is over for Babes v.03 and Nude Girls v.18 and the images are selected.

I'll start on the themes right away and my goal is to have the themes on HERE first around the week of 11/3 - 11/9 and then I'll submit them on Once themes are on that site, I'll let you know.

Babes v.03 theme will be an Ultra Slideshow version with these 17 images selected by you. Nude Girls v.18 will be an Ultra Slideshow Blonde version with these 18 images selected by you. You'll know the models names when I finish the themes and upload them on here.

Thank you for voting and keep checking on this site to see if there will be another theme poll. Thank you again for all your support.