Making Themes

Here is how I make my themes. (I'll add more images soon for the last part)

1) I find the images of the theme I will be doing, I' like to get images which are higher than 1600x1066, so the pictures don't look so bad on the system. (I get my images from my personal collection, but I use these sites to get some other images: &

 2) I then put the images in a folder with the name of the theme I'm creating

3) Then I edit all images to make them 1920x1080
     a) I re-size each image to 1920 then I crop the image to 1920x1080 (so the image isn't stretched)
     b) rename all images to 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, etc... until all images are numbered

4) After all images are 1920x1080, I then make a new folder inside the folder with the images and I name it "480," then I copy the images into the "480" folder

5) Next, I edit the images I just copied in the "480" folder, so they can be 640x480
     a) when I edit the images I re-size the 1080 to 483
     b) then, I crop the images to 640x480
     c) after all images are 640x480, rename them to 01-480, 02-480, 03-480, etc... until all are numbered

step 2(c)

step 2

6) Open the PS3 Theme Builder program
     a) click "New Theme"
     b) either chose create new or use existing theme (I'll use existing)
     c) change all info on first section to your desire (ie: theme name, version, genre, comments)
     d) make sure you add SRC image on the last section
     e) add HD images first then add SD images
     f) generate preview)
     g) check everything to make sure it's all correct
     h) finally click, "Save" then "Build Theme"

7) Your theme should be done and it should be in your Documents > My Playstation Themes folder

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