Saturday, June 8, 2013

Playboy Poll

Today until next Saturday, I'll have a poll for what next Playboy (safe) & (no-safe) edition you'll like to have. There are four choices that you can chose from which are categorized by Playboy for their models. If Playmate wins I'll add as much Centerfolds I can get, but any of the other three do it'll be like the others I made. Now, I know I'll make a static theme, but if you want me to make a slideshow of it then leave a comment to say you want a slideshow too.

Here would be an example of what the Playmate edition would look like with preview of icons...

These are 1080 images with centerfolds. The first one has a landscape centerfold which can fit one on a 1080, yet I can put three portrait centerfolds onto one 1080. (NOTE, the centerfolds will only be on the non-safe version.)

1 comment:

  1. I like the centerfold idea. I think you should do that automatically for the theme and do what you do on the safe one. I can't wait to see this!