Sunday, January 25, 2015

Site/Themes Future

This is Lanes8 and you probably had noticed I haven't done anything since last year. I had got a new job and I wasn't able to make themes as often or even at all. Plus I had just got the PS4 last June and I was waiting to see how the theme thing turned out for the PS4 and if we can make themes.

I'm sorry if you had messaged me through here or on my PSN and I didn't respond. I'll let you know I might re-upload any bad links on here for some themes if you want, but I'm not positive on when I'll get back to making themes. I hope I can return to it, but if I do it'll be a lot more limited then at this time last year.

So, if there is a theme, like the exclusive themes on my Theme excel page that isn't working any more than you can let me know and I'll re-upload it again and update the Theme excel.

Thank you again for all your support and your patience.

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