Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Exclusive Themes Updated

I have re-uploaded expired links for themes in the Exclusive Themes page. I'll try to get the the main list soon or I'll try it by letter to make it easier, but I'll let you know when that is updated.

Now all links are on a file site called and you'll need a USB stick to transfer to your PS3. All my links will be on there since they haven't terminated my account and I've been on there since 2013, unlike MediaFire which I've had a good amount of accounts and all have been deleted.

The list for Exclusive themes that have been re-uploaded are as follows:
Ass v.06
Babes v.02 HD slideshow [1min slide length]
Lesbians' v.01 - v.06
XXX's theme, v.02 - v.05
Zahia Dehar v.01 HD ss (13sec & 9sec)

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